Our features

Asset tracking

Armory System's flagship feature is our asset tracking functionality. We are compatible with barcode/rfid scanner devices as long as they can do keyboard emulation. After you add your assets, our action menu is smart enough to know which actions are possible and disables the other actions. Armory System Asset Tracking Screenshot

The two main status pucks: Asset Status, and Current Location represent the current state of the asset and its physical location, respectively. When visiting the asset page, these pucks and their respective colors give you a quick high-level view of your asset data.

Inventory management

The difference between inventory management and asset tracking is that inventory management is concerned with quantities of items instead of an inventory item with a specific serial #.Some of our inventory management features include using your barcode scanner for bulk quantity adjustments, transferring to your offices or employees, and reorder point notifications that notify you when stock is getting low. Armory System Inventory Management Screenshot

Bulk actions

We designed every asset tracking and inventory management feature in Armory System with bulk transactions in mind. Armory System Bulk Actions Screenshot So, for instance, if you have 100 assets to issue to an office, you can filter them based on some criteria, select them, and issue them all in one fell swoop. Compared to many other inventory management applications, this will save hours of data entry time.

History tracking

Tracking history is an integral part of any asset tracking system. Over the lifecycle of essential assets like guns, law enforcement personnel should be able to see the chain of custody for that particular asset. Armory System History Tracking Screenshot We track everything from when you add the asset to Armory System to that asset's destruction.

Training plugin

The training plugin we offer allows your organization to keep track of qualifications and fitness exams. In law enforcement, in particular, there is a relationship between training and inventory management because before officers are issued a weapon, they need to undergo specific training and qualifications. Armory System Training Plugin Screenshot

Custom data & theming

Armory System is customizable. You can put your organization's logo on the navigation bar. Bring your organization's inventory location and asset category data to help your organization maintain its current workflow. Hydrate your product data with the products your organization uses. Armory System Custom Data Screenshot